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August 31, 2009

Awareness for Brain Cancer – Sept 18th

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I sometimes wonder if support causes is trendy nowadays. It started out with the enviroment and the like, and with those plastic bands, and now its moved onto other causes, like those dealing with cancer, or rape, or self-harming, or.. well anything. The list goes on and on.

And maybe you agree with me, as you’re sitting here reading this. But think about it for a moment. There are people behind these causes, those that start it, plan it, try and convince others to support their cause as well. They have a story behind them, and that story is REAL. These are things that threaten our existance every day. And one of these is brain cancer.

Now, I do not know anyone personally with brain cancer. The closest I have come to cancer is having a grandparent who I was not overtly close with die of lung cancer, and one of my mother’s friend battled and won against breast cancer. I do not think I have to have been personally involved with someone who did have it, to support this cause. Because its everyone who needs to get involved to make a difference, to raise money, to raise AWARENESS, that this is a serious illness that grows every day, and kills people.

Now, on September 18th, its Brain Cancer Awareness Day in SL, run by someone whose cousin has battled with brain cancer for 10 years (I think another thing people forget is that while cancer disappears and comes back, or comes on suddenly, a lot of people battle with this disease for several years). You can probably see some signs up already around your favourite sims, where it will give you a sign that you can put up in your own store, and a notecard with info about this cause, as well as a link to her main store where you can pick up a free grey t-shirt to wear on September 18th (you can turn around in the main store to find the larger bulletin).

I implore you all to check this out, and as well find out where you can donate RL money to a local brain cancer fund, so we can all help try and defeat this horrible, horrible disease.


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