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October 2, 2009

New Cupcake skins are a day dream ;)

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[Cupcakes] released a yummy pack to the group today, including skins from their new line called Daydream, which was released earlier this morning (if you live in Canada hehe).

Cupcake - Daydream skins

Cupcakes - Daydream Copper (freckled)

Here is the Copper skin tone. I didn’t have enough room in the original picture. So here it is!

Now, you’ll have to join the [Cupcakes group in-game], and it does cost 100L$ to join. However, I think the cost is worth it because every month the group gets a taste of the skins available in-store. I mean easily our little packs are worth around 8000$L, as each skin makeup costs 1000L$, with the fatpack for that skin type is 3000L$! I think you’re getting a good deal, plus it can help you if you want to check out the skin without having the demo lines across it!

All photos taken in this post are using:

[Kittylicious!] – Fanny shape (Not free – 100L$ – also available in a three-shape pack)
[fri.day] – Cassie – Cynical Black (Used to be free, was a previous group notice freebie – available in-store at the back)
[Glitterati] –  Breast Cancer awareness poses, available for free all month long! (You can pick these up in-world at a lot of stores, I picked mine up at [Kittylicious!])

Just a little post-note, all this month I am going to try to be using Glitterati’s Breast Cancer awareness poses for all of my pictures. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I think any little bit we bloggers can do to get Breast Cancer to the forefront is a good idea.

Also, later this week I’m going to try to do more grungy-looking photo shoots. I’m trying to develop my own style in-game and its kinda hard to do that naked. 😛 Well.. most of the time.


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