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August 31, 2009

Awareness for Brain Cancer – Sept 18th

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I sometimes wonder if support causes is trendy nowadays. It started out with the enviroment and the like, and with those plastic bands, and now its moved onto other causes, like those dealing with cancer, or rape, or self-harming, or.. well anything. The list goes on and on.

And maybe you agree with me, as you’re sitting here reading this. But think about it for a moment. There are people behind these causes, those that start it, plan it, try and convince others to support their cause as well. They have a story behind them, and that story is REAL. These are things that threaten our existance every day. And one of these is brain cancer.

Now, I do not know anyone personally with brain cancer. The closest I have come to cancer is having a grandparent who I was not overtly close with die of lung cancer, and one of my mother’s friend battled and won against breast cancer. I do not think I have to have been personally involved with someone who did have it, to support this cause. Because its everyone who needs to get involved to make a difference, to raise money, to raise AWARENESS, that this is a serious illness that grows every day, and kills people.

Now, on September 18th, its Brain Cancer Awareness Day in SL, run by someone whose cousin has battled with brain cancer for 10 years (I think another thing people forget is that while cancer disappears and comes back, or comes on suddenly, a lot of people battle with this disease for several years). You can probably see some signs up already around your favourite sims, where it will give you a sign that you can put up in your own store, and a notecard with info about this cause, as well as a link to her main store where you can pick up a free grey t-shirt to wear on September 18th (you can turn around in the main store to find the larger bulletin).

I implore you all to check this out, and as well find out where you can donate RL money to a local brain cancer fund, so we can all help try and defeat this horrible, horrible disease.


August 29, 2009

Dulce Secrets is having a mini-hunt!

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A really awesome store I’ve found while freebie hunting was Dulce Secrets. They have MM boards and really affordable stuff, as well as having several freebies AND a new mini-hunt! It’s a back to school styled one, so be on the look for school supplies (its the pencils that have the gift). They also have hover text for easier spotting.

Happy hunting!

Once again

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Once again sorry for the sporadic updates. Lately I haven’t been doing much other than hanging around Covenstead and checking out a couple of freebies. I’m kind of interested in getting into modelling, but how does one do that in SL? I have a very curvy shape that kind of distorts a lot of “average” sized clothing in SL… do modelling agencies go for my shape?

I’m not good at photography but here’s the best shot I think I did all week.

Shape: Kittylicious’ Fanny
Skin: Chloe Nude 1 by Redgrave
Outfit: Group freebie from Thalia
Eyes: Topaz Large by Beloved

August 22, 2009

Eep! Bad Nykti! >_<

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Sorry for not posting folks. Lately I haven’t played a lot because I’m getting really bad neck aches. However I have a new desk and chair so that should be clearing up! Yay! 😀

Right now there is an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzinng skin sale of awwwwwwwwwwessomme skins right now at Cybernetic Skins! Everything instore (except for the shapes) is 1L! Yes, you heard me right. Every skin tone and every type, BOTH MALE -AND- FEMALE, is 1L! From an inside source 😉 its going to be staying like that for a while. Which is a good thing, because FabFree right now is filling up the place and SL today is being particularily laggy. Ugh.

So I hope that those of you who like good deals are going to check it out, because honestly, who can’t give up the opportunity to try new skins? Plus, they’re the actual skins, not demos! 😉

Now excuse me while I go wade through the giant ocean of lag that is SL.

PS 1: Finally got all the skins (or the ones I wanted at least) and booked it out. I think my favourite BY FAR is the Amy Milk skins. My gawd their are gaw’geous. 😀

August 17, 2009

Covenstead, a multi-faith community sim

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Another place I hang out a lot on SL is Covenstead, a multi-faith community sim where regular events, dance contests, lectures, classes, chats, and even rituals are held.

Tonight is a pub night with Tsukiko Dreamscape as bartender and Elphaba Broome as DJ, where we hear a large variety of 80s rock, country, folk music, renaissance.. the list goes on. Plus a lot of people come and we participate in trivia! 🙂 And if the Covenstead fairy is on and you have Covenstead in your picks, you can even win L$ all night. 😉 But I go for the camaraderie of the fine people of Covenstead. It’s nice to talk with people and not feel like you’re crazy when you mention magic or the Gods.

Of course, because it was so packed, I’d take one picture and 5 more people would pile in!

Seriously I think there are about 20 people in here right now! Still, its lots of fun. 🙂

I’m also going to plug a Chat I am running at Covenstead this Wednesday @ 4 PM SLT. It’s Wednesday Round Table chat night, and I volunteered to run it this Wednesday with the topic of the Hellenic (Greek) Gods! It will be available at the Covenstead University in the Library Room. Hope to see you there! 🙂 (Note: You do NOT need to be a part of the Covenstead group to attend any of the events, but it is encouraged. 🙂 )

Positively U-Neek!

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Yes, I can in fact get even cornier.

I found a shop a couple of weeks ago called U-Neek, where you can find some really interesting clothing, skins, and other items, as well as her own art on the above floors.

Right now she has two mini-hunts going on in her store, the Duck Hunt and the Star Hunt, where you can collect 10 ducks and stars for a dollar and get some really awesome skins and outfits!

Here is my wearing her colourYOURsoul water lily skin. There is also a light lily skin that is available in the Duck Hunt, so I suggest you snap it up! Its a very pretty skin. ❤

Here is me wearing the Buckle Bra found in Star 1 of the Star Hunt! 🙂 (Other outfit details are available on the Flickr image page).

Hope you check out her stuff, as treebee is also a mod of FabFree and really knows the people will come if you keep your stuff afforable, as a lot of her stuff I think is quite cheap considering the quality and the effort she puts into things!

August 15, 2009

What I do on any given day

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Now, you might be wondering how one person can spend so much time playing a virtual reality game. Doesn’t it get boring? Well, yes, yes it does. Your favourite groups or clubs may not be playing anything that night, and your friends may not be online. But you’ve already booted up your computer and logged on, might as well have some fun, eh?

One of the things I do is join Hunts! Hunts are special events set up by just regular players like you, where you go from sim to sim looking for the object and getting a prize. Most often these prizes are done by the shops where the hunt object is, so you can imagine the amount of freebies piling up in your inventory soon after long.

Just remember to give yourself a break though. Oftentimes you’ll be playing so hard you’ll find your neck hurts, your hungry, and you need to pee.

And then sometimes you will just crash. So remember to take a break every once in a while! Do a chore or a do a mini work out every 10-15 stops.

Another thing I do while online is take part in Lucky Tribe, a multi-sim group who interact with Lucky Chairs (and fortune telling machines, boards, etc) to get kudos, and when you get 100 kudos, you can exchange them for a voucher and get a free item from Lucky Tribe participating stores! And more often than not the stores participating are very nice and I stick around to see if I can get better items (like Roawenwood and Skinthesis). 😉

And if you are on at the right times, you can participate in a game called Detonation, pretty much like minesweeper except more interactive and with way more prizes!

As you can see, I was already knocked out of the game. 😛 I haven’t won yet, but I almost made it to the end once (should have sat out and waited for her to blow up.. *sigh*).

And some of the random things I do on SL. Hope they’ve inspired you to take part in some of the best interactive gaming SL has to offer!

Hello world [well, second world]!

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Well, hello there. My name is Nykti Harcourt in the fabulous world of Second Life, and I want to blog about it! I’m not really sure what its all going to be about. I’ve already encountered quite a few wonderful people, bought a lot of things, and I guess I want to share it with you all.

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