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October 2, 2009

New Cupcake skins are a day dream ;)

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[Cupcakes] released a yummy pack to the group today, including skins from their new line called Daydream, which was released earlier this morning (if you live in Canada hehe).

Cupcake - Daydream skins

Cupcakes - Daydream Copper (freckled)

Here is the Copper skin tone. I didn’t have enough room in the original picture. So here it is!

Now, you’ll have to join the [Cupcakes group in-game], and it does cost 100L$ to join. However, I think the cost is worth it because every month the group gets a taste of the skins available in-store. I mean easily our little packs are worth around 8000$L, as each skin makeup costs 1000L$, with the fatpack for that skin type is 3000L$! I think you’re getting a good deal, plus it can help you if you want to check out the skin without having the demo lines across it!

All photos taken in this post are using:

[Kittylicious!] – Fanny shape (Not free – 100L$ – also available in a three-shape pack)
[fri.day] – Cassie – Cynical Black (Used to be free, was a previous group notice freebie – available in-store at the back)
[Glitterati] –  Breast Cancer awareness poses, available for free all month long! (You can pick these up in-world at a lot of stores, I picked mine up at [Kittylicious!])

Just a little post-note, all this month I am going to try to be using Glitterati’s Breast Cancer awareness poses for all of my pictures. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I think any little bit we bloggers can do to get Breast Cancer to the forefront is a good idea.

Also, later this week I’m going to try to do more grungy-looking photo shoots. I’m trying to develop my own style in-game and its kinda hard to do that naked. 😛 Well.. most of the time.


September 28, 2009

New skins at Skinthesis in time for Samhain

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I’m a semi-sucker for stores using pagan-ish names. Even more so for Halloween/Samhain/Thanateia. Plus I already love the store Skinthesis by Cane Sutter, which among featuring some nifty 50’s-esque skins and stuff that would look awesome should one be a fairy or Elphaba from the Wicked series, she has now put out a new line called “Samhain”, which is available exclusively through her Lucky Chair, which I think she does for a lot of her skins. I already snapped up a couple of her Mindi line and found them delish, but with this Samhain line.. wow.

I really don’t think my pics do them justice. I used her Pale Samhain skin for my aqua-blue dress shoot (look on my Flickr) and really loved the colour contrast. I’m still a fledgling photographer/modeller.. so please excuse my newbiness. 🙂 However.. if anyone has tips on how to help make the shadows less harsh, please tell! ^_^

September 27, 2009

Hodgepodge Mall sale! On til Sept 28th (Mon.)

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Just found out via Shopping Cart Disco that the Hodgepodge Mall is having a sale from Sept. 25th til Sept 28th! Basically, every outlet in the mall will have a free item up for sale in their shop. You can check out all of my shots on my Flickr page. Now, it doesn’t include ALL of the freebies, but most of them. Here the are the shots I liked below. 🙂

As always, please check the Flickr page for the specific photo for more information!

Video Killed the Radio Star 2

Wearing vjj’s Radio Gaga Dress

Vaniva's Lazy Kitty 2

Wearing Vaniva and Kitty Box.

Lazy, lazy kitty 1

Wearing entirely Kitty Box!

September 24, 2009

I take way too many photos! :P

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Having recently discovered the MC Photoshoot area on Bosch (just Search “Bosch”, it’ll come up!) I’ve spent the last couple of hours trying out fabulous photos with all the new outfits I’ve got! The ones I like will be going up on Flickr, but I’ll post a couple here as well. 🙂

Eee! I LOVE this shot! The only thing that disappointed me was the glitch in the midsection. 😦 Unfortunately some of this poses do not accomodate us curvier women!

I also really, really liked this shot. 🙂 There is another weird glitch in this one.. but its not that bad.

September 23, 2009

Ho Wear – Wednesday 23rd

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Every week day Heido Ho, the creator of Ho Wear, makes one of her many fabulous creations available for free until 8 pm SLT. Usually, they are behind the giant board when you get to her shop. Now, if you miss an outfit, you CAN get the outfit for half-price, and they are up on the walls just as you walk in. Some of her stuff can be rather primmy, but I’ve found a lot of the stuff she makes now ISN’T and is very high quality. 🙂 Best of both worlds!

Shape: Ultimate Kittylicious! (available for 100L)
Skin: Cupcakes Enchanted – Rosie freckled (Free – Group gift – Group fee is 100L)
Glasses: Bombard Silver Oval Glasses (Free)
Piercings: NCD – Jayden (Lucky board)
Shoes: Grim Bros. White Jarden Heels (MM board)

September 2, 2009

Male freebies!

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So, I’m sure anyone that is anyone in the Freebie SL blogging world has posted about this place, but a fabulous little store called Maschienenwerk on the Soleil Rouge sim has a bunch of freebie (NOT stolen or pirated!) clothing, shoes, tattoos, skins.. pretty much the whole shebang. It’s a three-story building, with another three-story building attached to it, so remember to follow the arrow to the right store (you get put at a pre-determined spot in the sim) and go through all the floors and the other building’s floors! 🙂 Just remember to let it load, first!

However I’m sure what makes this place special is the amount of male freebies it has, as well as being QUALITY freebies. Now you might say, well Nykti, no one really has a right to complain about freebies. And you are very true! However, I will not go and grab something if its free but complete and utter shit. I will instead choose to not patron that store, or comment or blog about it at all. I will however blog about stores that I think are very good, legal, and produce quality freebies. Many of us don’t have the spare change to buy stuff in SL, so I believe these blogs are necessary.

Note: There are female freebies here, but its mostly men’s stuff.

September 1, 2009

Yo ho, yo ho the pirate’s life for me ~

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Just want to let you all know about a fabulous sim known as The Black Market. It’s a very well-done ala Pirates of the Carribean-styled mini-mall, where several vendors have set up shop! You can often find really, really discounted stuff here you wouldn’t find at their main stores, as well a lot of the vendors here have put freebies, many that are pirate-y themed, in the middle on the boats at the dock! Here are a couple. 🙂

If you check out my Flickr stream you can see the details of all the images! 🙂

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