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September 28, 2009

New skins at Skinthesis in time for Samhain

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I’m a semi-sucker for stores using pagan-ish names. Even more so for Halloween/Samhain/Thanateia. Plus I already love the store Skinthesis by Cane Sutter, which among featuring some nifty 50’s-esque skins and stuff that would look awesome should one be a fairy or Elphaba from the Wicked series, she has now put out a new line called “Samhain”, which is available exclusively through her Lucky Chair, which I think she does for a lot of her skins. I already snapped up a couple of her Mindi line and found them delish, but with this Samhain line.. wow.

I really don’t think my pics do them justice. I used her Pale Samhain skin for my aqua-blue dress shoot (look on my Flickr) and really loved the colour contrast. I’m still a fledgling photographer/modeller.. so please excuse my newbiness. 🙂 However.. if anyone has tips on how to help make the shadows less harsh, please tell! ^_^


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