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September 2, 2009

Male freebies!

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So, I’m sure anyone that is anyone in the Freebie SL blogging world has posted about this place, but a fabulous little store called Maschienenwerk on the Soleil Rouge sim has a bunch of freebie (NOT stolen or pirated!) clothing, shoes, tattoos, skins.. pretty much the whole shebang. It’s a three-story building, with another three-story building attached to it, so remember to follow the arrow to the right store (you get put at a pre-determined spot in the sim) and go through all the floors and the other building’s floors! 🙂 Just remember to let it load, first!

However I’m sure what makes this place special is the amount of male freebies it has, as well as being QUALITY freebies. Now you might say, well Nykti, no one really has a right to complain about freebies. And you are very true! However, I will not go and grab something if its free but complete and utter shit. I will instead choose to not patron that store, or comment or blog about it at all. I will however blog about stores that I think are very good, legal, and produce quality freebies. Many of us don’t have the spare change to buy stuff in SL, so I believe these blogs are necessary.

Note: There are female freebies here, but its mostly men’s stuff.


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